Lunch and Snack

Afternoon snack is provided for all students.  Our snack menu includes a seasonal, organic fruit and a whole grain, minimally processed, organic cracker or bread.  Organic yogurt is served once per week.
Beverage choices include unsweetened, barley tea, organic milk or water.  Families may provide soy, rice or other customized beverages which we can store in our refridgerator.
Morning snack is provided by home as the core academic learning occurs before lunch and we want all students to be comfortable and ready to learn during the core learning time.

Students may bring home lunch or order lunch through
Choicelunch, in their words, “make scrumptious, nutritious lunches that lead to healthier lives.”
Choicelunch offers local, fresh food served in environmentally freindly containers.
Their vast menu includes a hot or cold meal, fruit, snack, dessert and healthy beverage selection of juice, milk or water.
Families order online, even same day, and can select to have an emergency lunch provided when mornings are hectic or something in the backpack overflows.