Message from the Founders

Springbridge International School was formed by a mom and a dad who love their children very much. We are both professional teachers who have long dreamed of forming an international school that combines the very best educational pedagogies with authentic cultures from around the world. We are proud to introduce Springbridge International School.

Like many of you, we hold our children to high standards. Extra homework, Saturday and after school classes, missed baseball and soccer practices are not easy. Yet the rewards are well worth the sacrifices, including native fluency in spoken and written Japanese in addition to curious, open-minded students of the world.

With thirty five years combined experience teaching and administering in three different countries including: international, immersion, language, Catholic, public and private in Japan, US and Singapore, we have come to realize what a school needs to prepare children for personal and academic success.

We have designed this school for our children, and yours, so that they may benefit from the rich traditions and cultures of Japan and the US, yet be prepared to adapt and excel in an ever-changing and increasingly global world.

We invite you to explore our website and visit our school to see if Springbridge could be the right match for your family. Please join us in providing the tools, understanding, love and work ethic that will help our students find happiness and success in life.

Robert and Tomoko Regan