Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster respect, integrity and self-discovery in a compassionate, multicultural environment.
Our graduates will be fluent in Japanese or Mandarin language and culture. They will write and speak well in English and possess strong mathematic skills in preparation for college preparatory high school. They will be practiced leaders when given the opportunity, and solid supporters and team players. They will derive confidence through independent exploration and excellence through pursuing a passion.

Core Values

Respect, Reason, Results, Reach
We encourage students to respect themselves, the environment and other cultures and traditions. Our students learn to look, listen, study and appreciate other systems and practices.
Reason and logic form the building blocks that shape our understanding of the world and our experiences with it. We encourage our students to reflect on past experiences and apply logic and reason when problem solving.
Results motivate us to exceed expectations and expand our horizons. We encourage our students to set realistic goals and establish a strong work ethic to meet their challenges.
Students reach to improve their minds, bodies and spirits. Students also reach out to others with a helping hand.


To create an exemplary international community that nurtures each student’s full potential.
To achieve our vision, we will…
– measure success and review learning strategies
– embody and encourage our Mission, Vision and Core Values