Kazumi Angeles graduated from Aomori Akeno Hoshi Tanki University with a degree in English in addition to a teaching credential for English.  Kazumi also earned her teacher’s license for non-native Japanese speakers.  Most recently, she earned her microbiotic therapist certificate.
Kazumi Sensei began her career in education teaching Japanese to kindergarten students at Richmond Elementary School, a Japanese immersion school in Portland, Oregon.   She also served as the summer camp coordinator, organizing and supervising activities as well as oversaw the after school program, assisting students with Japanese homework.  Kazumi also worked at Tsurumi Ohisama Gukudo Club while in Yokohama, Japan.  Her responsibilities included (Japanese) assisting students from 1st grade to 6th grade and supervising the after school program.  Kazumi has also volunteer taught Japanese to non-native speakers in Aomori, Japan.  In her free time, Kazumi Sensei enjoys cooking and exploring farmers markets for unique foods for the microbiotic diet as well as traveling with her husband.  Kazumi Sensei is a teacher in the Japanese program.

Makiko Bortolato graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University with a bachelors degree in elementary education and middle/high school education. During her study to become a teacher, she was interested in Waldorf Education and went to Germany for one year. She studied at Paedagogischen Hoch Schule Freiburg. She taught at public elementary schools in Tokyo for six years before going back to Europe. This time, she received a Rotary Club Scholarship and studied at Waldorf teacher training school in Switzerland for a year. After arriving in the US, Makiko also taught at ENA and tutored Japanese students. With her French husband, she is raising boy and girl twins. Recently, she enjoys performing puppet shows with her friends in Japanese and English. Makiko Sensei is a teacher in the Japanese program.

Michael Bourquin graduated from Cal Poly State University and has a lifetime teaching credential from the State of California. He has 18 years teaching experience in elementary education including teaching math and science at The Harker School and the Los Altos School District. A former tennis and rugby player, Mike is married with two teenage daughters and a dog, Louie. Mr. B is a mentor in the English program.

Ivy Chu graduated from National Changhua University of Education with a bachelors degree in education and has a teaching credential issued by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. She had been teaching high school students in Taipei City for more than 14 years and earned a Masters Degree in business administration while she was teaching. After coming to the U.S., she started teaching Mandarin Chinese. While volunteering at her daughter’s preschool, she realized how fulfilling working with that age group was. She then studied Early Childhood Education and taught preschool. She is trained and experienced from preschool to high school. Her philosophy of education emphasizes independence, freedom with boundaries and respect for free choices. In her free time, Ivy enjoys reading, baking and hiking. Chu Lao Shi is a teacher in the Mandarin program.

Kazuko Gold graduated from Kobe Tokiwa College, Chico State University and DeAnza College with degrees in early childhood education and child psychology. She joined the California Subject Matter Project and studied teaching visual arts, literacy and drawing skills aligned with the California K-8 Visual Arts content Standard and Common Core literacy in Technical subjects while She worked at French Gulch-Whiskeytown Elementary School. She brings a wealth of experience working with children of all ages and abilities recently having worked in an inclusion preschool. This has allowed her to adapt her technique to reach every child under her care. Kazuko’s teaching style includes blending dance, music theatre and visual arts in her lessons.
Kazuko has worked as a Head Kindergarten Teacher at the Kiyose Yurikago Kindergarten in Tokyo while holding additional responsibilities including curriculum development and staff training and development.
She holds a California Certificate of Paraprofessional Teaching, and Teaching Credentials in Japan and is a proud mom of three children! Kazuko Sensei is a teacher in the Japanese program.

Masami Kanamitsu graduated from Saint Monica College in Kanagawa prefecture with a bachelors degree in early childhood education and credentials to teach preschool as well as kindergarten. She began her career at Kensington Taiiku Yochien where she taught preschool. Her passion for outdoor education and communication led her to live abroad in Australia. Upon returning to Japan, Masami Senseii continued her studies in early childhood education and social services. She returned to teaching at Piko House in Yokohama and at Kanigaya Preschool in Kawasaki, teaching children from one to four years old, emphasizing communication and physical development. While raising her two children, Masami Senseii volunteered at preschool and kindergarten in Pacifica, CA. Most recently, Masami has taught special education students in San Mateo. Masami Senseii is continuing her passion to help children learn to communicate. Her active approach helps children develop confidence as they learn through physical activity. Masami Senseii is an administrator and teacher in the Japanese program.

Etsuko Katchi graduated from Kinjo Gakuin Junior College with an Associate of Arts degree in English in addition to a teaching credential for English. She studied English at Spring International language Center for over a year in University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. She started teaching at Juku school for 3-9th graders in Hamamatsu, Japan. Then she worked as an English teacher at junior high schools for 5 years. In the U.S., she started working as an assistant program coordinator at Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego. There she taught Japanese culture to school-aged children. She then worked as a Japanese teacher at Kokugo Gakuen in San Diego for 3 years. She also taught Japanese to 3 -10 years old children as a tutor in Southern California. Etsuko Sensei enjoys spending time with her two boys and husband in her free time.

Hiromi Knox graduated from San Jose State University, cum laude, with a degree in education concentrating in child and adolescent development.  She also earned a liberal arts degree from De Anza College.  Hiromi Senseii began her career at Early Horizons where she worked with toddlers and prekindergarten children teaching reading and math.  While at Okasan and Me, Hiromi Senseii honed her bilingual teaching skills, helping children to communicate in both English and Japanese.  Her warm and patient approach encourages the children to express themselves and gain confidence.  Hiromi Senseii’s art background brings a creative flair to her work.  Hiromi Senseii worked with both gifted and talented students and special education students while at Graystone Elementary School, teaching math and reading.  Hiromi Senseii enjoys relaxing with her three daughters and husband in her spare time.  Hiromi Senseii is a teacher in the Japanese program.

Janice Lee graduated from National Hsinchu University of Education with a bachelors degree from the department of music.  She spent her next fourteen years teaching kindergarten and first grade students in Taipei City.  Her service earned her Gold Medal Awards for Excellence in Teaching from the Ministry of Education of Taiwan.  Lee Lao Shi is also a talented musician and accomplished in piano, viola and choir. Lee Lao Shi enjoys spending time with her family in her free time.  Lee Lao Shi is a teacher in the Chinese program.

Maria Pinlac is an International Educator with extensive experience working at private schools and non-profit organizations around the world. Holding a BA in Information Technology Management from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario and a Graduate Diploma of Education (with high distinction) from the University of Wollongong, Australia, she has spent over 10 years teaching abroad in Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Australia. She is passionate about enhancing the lives of children through education. Maria currently resides in Los Gatos. In her free time she enjoys doing yoga, hiking, reading books, cooking and exploring beautiful Northern California. Mrs. Maria is an administrator in the English program.

Robert Regan graduated from Boston University cum laude with a masters degree in education and a lifetime teaching credential. He earned a four-year, Division One ice hockey scholarship, assistant captain, national semi-finalist, Unsung Hero and Academic All-American. He has taught and coached many subjects spanning preschool to college in the US and Japan. Robert worked in BU’s pilot program to reverse Boston’s inner city school’s decline, served as faculty representative to the Board of Trustees at Ecole Bilingue, devised and taught the Returnee curriculum at Shibuya Jr. and Sr. High School and was the fifth person hired at the Tokyo International School. He was the founding principal of The Harker English Language Institute, founded and owned Lessons In English and traveled much of the world with Tomoko. Robert is cofounder and a teacher in the English program.

Tomoko Regan graduated from Waseda University with a degree in English and a teaching credential for English. She taught at Shibuya Makuhari High School in Singapore and Shibuya Jr. and Sr. High School in Tokyo, where she led international field trips to England. She was a volunteer interpreter for The Tamagawa School guest families at The Harker School. She has traveled much of the world and is mother to three, bilingual, bicultural children. Tomoko Senseii is cofounder and a teacher in the Japanese program.

Yasushi Sato graduated from Juntendo University. He is a judo expert of the fifth dan and a coach to Olympic judo wrestlers. He taught at Egodgawa Toride High School and is a senior administrator at Shibuya Jr. and Sr. High School. Mr. Satoh is an educational consultant for curriculum and administration in the Japanese program and partner for a future school in Tokyo.

Yasuko Tsuruike started playing basketball when she was a middle school student. This led her to a basketball career at Hitachi, Ltd – Totsuka, one of the top Women’s Japan Basketball League teams in Japan. After she retired from her basketball, she continued to work at Hitachi, Ltd. After, she decided to go to San Diego and learn a different culture and English for 10 months. After returning to Japan, she taught computer classes from 1st to 6th grade students as a part-time instructor in Osaka which she found very interesting. She decided to earn a teaching credential at Bukyo University, Kyoto Japan. Yasuko worked as a full-time teacher in Osaka Prefecture public elementary school appointed by Osaka Board of Education in Japan for 10 years. She is now so delighted to be at Springbridge International School where all of our students learn Japanese education and culture. With her professional experience, she is hoping to encourage all of her students to have a variety of expression, thought and application through learning and playing with his or her own smile. Yasuko Sensei is an administrator and teacher in the Japanese program.