At age four, children are introduced to prekindergarten and kindergarten materials that prepare them for academic success in either English and  Japanese or English and Mandarin. This is a very important part of our unique school as it prepares students with a strong foundation on which they will enjoy learning at an accelerated rate, outpacing monolingual children.
Children build upon the academic and social skills learned in preschool.  More complex mathematical concepts are connected to what they have learned and the children learn to read so that they can read to learn.  Kindergarten math and language concepts are introduced, providing students a head start to kindergarten.

Sample Prekindergarten Daily Schedule

**Japanese and Mandarin programs are separate programs.

8:00–9:00 Free Play/Morning Exercise in Japanese or
Free Play/Morning Exercise in Mandarin
9:00–9:30 Circle time and language arts in English
9:30–10:00 Related Activity in English
10:00–10:30 Recess and Snack in Japanese or
Recess and Snack in Mandarin
10:30–11:00 Circle time and language arts in Japanese or
Circle time and language arts in Mandarin
11:00–11:30 Related language arts activity in Japanese or
Related language arts activity in Mandarin
11:30–12:00 Lunch in Japanese or
Lunch in Mandarin
12:00–1:00 Recess in Japanese or
Recess in Mandarin
1:00–1:30 Lesson in English mathematics
1:30–2:00 Related mathematics activity in English
2:00–2:20 Recess in Japanese or
Recess in Mandarin
2:20–3:00 Lesson in Japanese mathematics or
Lesson in Mandarin mathematics
3:00–3:30 Snack and Recess in Japanese or Mandarin
3:30–4:00 Arts and Crafts in Japanese or
Snack and Recess in Mandarin
4:00–4:30 Physical Education in Japanese or
Physical Education in Mandarin
4:30–5:00 Music in Japanese or
Music in Mandarin
5:00–5:30 Story Time, Dramatic Play in Japanese or
Story Time, Dramatic Play in Mandarin
5:30–6:00 Recess and Dismissal in Japanese or
Recess and Dismissal in Mandarin