Springbridge International School

Springbridge’s carefully integrated curriculum strives to achieve academic excellence on par with the top private schools in Silicon Valley as measured by standardized test scores. Motivated, capable students suited for our bilingual curriculum and multicultural environment are carefully selected. Our students are immersed in authentic Japanese, Chinese and American curricula and taught by native speakers during the course of the school day. Saturday and after school classes are not required, freeing time for family and personal pursuits.

How do we do it?

Our highly skilled and dedicated teachers create a safe and engaging learning environment. Carefully designed classrooms stimulate meaningful, student-centered learning. Strong bonds are established between students and teachers, who stay with kindergarteners through first grade.

Teachers cater lessons to accommodate individual learning styles, increasing the pace of learning and depth of understanding. Technology and multi-media further accelerate comprehension, addressing multiple learning styles efficiently. Higher order thought processes are engaged at an earlier age. Small class size provides ample opportunity for collaborative learning as well as leadership. Children learn to communicate, expressing and critiquing ideas from multiple perspectives in written and oral formats.

Theme-based units incorporate skills and content from both cultures and a variety of subjects including the arts, social and physical sciences as well as develop critical thinking, problem solving and time management skills. Experiential activities involve students, allowing for multi-sensory learning. Learning is fun.

Parents receive systematic, thorough communication in written and verbal form assessing areas of growth as well as weakness with specific plans of action addressing those areas. Behavioral and academic interventions are quickly and skillfully employed when appropriate. Daily communication is common in our closely-knit community. Teachers meet daily, collaborating and sharing years of experience while crafting project-based units as well as carefully addressing each student’s learning styles. Efficient and engaging activities to facilitate growth are the result. Veteran teachers closely monitor student stress levels, skillfully finding the right learning zone to maximize learning while cultivating the love of learning.


Springbridge families are diverse and committed to education and building a vibrant, harmonious community. Families play a tremendous role in shaping this unique and special school of friends growing together. We share numerous wonderful and unique cultures together.